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Promoting the SEE Learning Program

The Ziran Education Foundation is fully committed to the advancement and support of the SEE Learning Program.


The SEE Learning Program is a comprehensive K-12 education initiative designed for global implementation developed by the Emory University in 1998. Through the combined efforts of curriculum writers, teachers, and experts in education, developmental psychology, and neuroscience from around the world, a framework and curriculum have been meticulously crafted.


Aligned with a shared vision of nurturing students' ethical development, the program offers a universal, non-sectarian, and evidence-based approach to integrating social, emotional, and ethical competencies into education. It equips educators with a robust framework, age-specific curricula, and support systems for preparation, certification, and professional development.


Building upon the foundation of social-emotional learning (SEL) programs, the SEE Learning Program incorporates cutting-edge advancements from educational practices and scientific research. It encompasses vital subjects such as attention training, compassion cultivation, resilience based on trauma-informed care, systems thinking, and ethical discernment.



Supporting the Recruitment of English Teachers

The Ziran Education Foundation is extending its support to various schools in the Himalayan region, with the potential for future expansion to other areas. Initially, we are focusing on the Himalayan region as a pilot area due to its unique needs and challenges.


Many of these mountainous areas are remote and isolated, resulting in limited access to quality educational resources, particularly for languages such as English. Moreover, the harsh living conditions and low wages present challenges in attracting and retaining qualified teachers in these regions. Therefore, external support is necessary in the form of financial assistance for teachers' salaries, infrastructure development, and learning materials. Additionally, assistance with the recruitment process is crucial to ensure that schools are staffed with competent and dedicated educators.


English holds global significance as a "lingua franca," facilitating communication among people from diverse linguistic backgrounds. It plays a pivotal role in various sectors, including business, technology, science, media, and international affairs. Proficiency in English can significantly enhance students' future career prospects, broaden their access to educational resources, and foster a better understanding of different cultures. By providing fundings and support for the recruitment of English teachers for various grade levels, our aim is to empower students in these regions with the skills necessary to thrive in our increasingly interconnected world.