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“New” is a misnomer. This is THE education model as we aim to clarify and model the very purpose of education.

We believe that education first and foremost is about humanity. More important than gaining world knowledge and honing skills to tackle global issues, is understanding ourselves.

The Ziran School is a K-12 boarding school. At our school, learning is powered and guided by self-knowledge. Gaining self-knowledge is done not at the expense of mastering the 21st century skills of learning how to learn. The former greatly enhances the latter and the latter amplifies the manifestation of the former. This is our answer to Thomas Merton’s challenge.

Our teachers have one unifying belief. That is, each child is sacred and destined for a unique mission in life. While we do not know what that mission is for each one, our teachers are intrinsically motivated to instill this deep unifying belief in our children.

Our graduates leave our school with this unwavering belief in themselves that they are all unique in life purpose. They become leaders, not only in professional fields, but also in life.

Our graduates are equipped to lead a life with deep self-knowledge. Guided and empowered by such knowledge, they develop the habit of seeing the world not only with an open mind, but also with the depth of their heart.

Our graduates are equipped to lead a life with a strong sense of purpose. Such a purpose is not driven by any superficial ambition to change the world. It is pure and simple. To better the world, it begins with oneself. That is, they are model humans first and world-class experts second.

Our graduates are equipped to lead a life with a great sense of wonder. They are knowledgeable about the world, yet curious about the universe. They are sensitive to the beauty of the world and they are also equipped to investigate and make new discoveries. Albert Einstein once said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.” Our graduates embody the latter.

At the Ziran School of London, our graduates have the skills, the knowledge, and the mindset to make the world a better place. They are highly motivated to pursue a peaceful and sustainable world not only because they can or they should, but more because they feel deeply connected to the world. Specifically, they are fully committed to the welfare of their fellow humans, because they feel deeply inseparable from one another; they are fully committed to the welfare of the environment, because they feel deeply part of the mother nature. To arrive at this future, our graduates fully understand that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. That one step is self. Only does one cross the abyss that separate us from ourselves, true learning takes place. Ultimately, he or she will have the most meaningful and awakened human experience.

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