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Sale of former reading prison site

Sale of former reading prison site

We here at the Ziran Education Foundation is proud to announce that we have triumphed in Reading Council Borough’s competitive bidding process for ownership and redevelopment of the HM Prison Reading site, popularly known as Reading Gaol.

The Ziran Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that collaborates with universities across the globe to develop revolutionary curricula and pedagogy for students in primary and secondary school.

Our organization aims to redevelop Reading Gaol so that it will further the core goals of our foundation–expanding educational access and fostering community engagement. Once revamped, the prison site will feature the following:

●        A museum dedicated solely to the essential, storied history of Reading Gaol

●        A sprawling art gallery space open to the public, that showcases works of talented artists everywhere, from international to local.

●        Fun and educational workshops, courses, and activities for all ages.

●        A vast food hall serving a wide selection of cuisines.

●        Hotel suites and guest rooms for artists-in-residence.

Ziran is also wholly committed to preserving the historical significance of Reading Gaol, which was once immortalized by the poetry of ex-inmate Oscar Wilde, and remains to this day a timeless UK landmark. The site will be redeveloped so that it is seamlessly integrated into the local Reading community. As we repurpose the site into a fount for cultural enrichment to visitors near and far, we will also meticulously restore the entire complex–ensuring it will be accessible to the world for decades to come.

As Channing Bi, the founder of our organization attests, "Ziran Education Foundation is deeply honored to lead the revitalization of Reading Gaol. We are developing the destination into a world-class educational hub to advance our foundation’s core goals–to enlighten, enrich, and engage. We vow to preserve Reading Gaol’s vital history, while reopening it as an unforgettable attraction for curious minds both local and abroad."

Our purchase of HM Prison Reading for redevelopment signifies a multi-generational commitment to the Reading community. Furthermore, the proceeds from our purchase of the prison will be reinvested toward efforts to reduce prisoner recidivism and improve public welfare.

We here at the Ziran foundation are excited to bring forth the next chapter in the life of Reading Gaol!

Contact Person: Lily Sun


To hear more details on our redevelopment plans, please listen to our latest BBC Interview.

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