We will transform Reading Prison into an open and vibrant educational centre

Press Release

Ziran Education Foundation stood out in this tough competition. We not only met the zero-debt condition but also surpassed other distinguished competitors to secure the project.

Ziran Education Foundation, a charitable non-profit organization recognized for its innovative collaboration with colleges in developing primary and secondary school curricula and education services, proudly announces its successful bid to redevelop the historic Reading Prison. This initiative aligns seamlessly with our mission of enhancing educational experiences and community engagement.

The Reading Prison project, steeped in cultural and historical significance, presents a unique canvas for ZIRANED Education Foundation to weave its educational expertise into the fabric of the local community. Our vision extends beyond the restoration of this landmark; we aspire to create an educational center that will serve as a beacon of learning and cultural enrichment. "

We are deeply honored to lead the transformation of Reading Prison into a vibrant educational hub," expressed [Channing Bi, Ziran Education Foundation]. "This project is a perfect embodiment of our core values – to educate, enlighten, and engage. Our planned educational center will not only preserve the rich history of the site but also serve as a dynamic resource for the local community."

Key features of the redevelopment include:

● A museum detailing the fascinating history of Reading Prison.

● An exhibition space open to the public, fostering cultural exchange and community involvement.

● Innovative educational programs and services, reinforcing our commitment to learning and development.

This initiative represents more than a redevelopment; it's a commitment to the community and future generations. Proceeds from the sale of the former prison site will be reinvested in the wider prison estate, aiding in efforts to reduce reoffending and protect the public.

Contact Person: Shanshan Zuo

Email: info@ziraned.org 

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